Restaurant and provision of catering service is a lucrative business entity in the Gambia. Mr. Foday Kortukargbo addressed at Basse (URR) is running a restaurant name after his wife, Amina’s Restaurant and catering services opposite the Basse health centre. According to Mr. Kortukargbo, the business was established in 2004, through his personal servings and the support of his family. The business targeted customers are the Basse health centre staff, patience, visitors from the neighboring Senegal, Guinea and provide catering services to many government institutions. However, he was facing constraints to access other institutions/agencies contracts like NGOs, Donor agencies and some government department’s workshops and seminars organized in the region due to lack of GPPA registration certificate.. The business was up running and was able to sustain its daily operations at a break-even point for the past twelve (12yrs) years and could not meet expansion due to lack of sufficient entrepreneurial skills to enhance know-how, insufficient financial support to increase sales and maximize profit, he further underscored that the business was not able to maintain workers/staff because of the limited resources available. Therefore, before the Empretec project intervention the restaurant business was about to collapse and could not access micro credit/loan facility to keep the business running and has to reduce cost in order to increase revenue.

Following his participation in the Empretec project entrepreneurship capacity building programme for a period of six (6) days and allocated a Business Development Services (BDS) Advisor to work closely hand in hand for a cycle of six (6) months, Mr.  Kortukargbo, registered a significant growth in his restaurant business and was able to expand business, bought two (2) new flat screens to operate a Video club showing football games, two (2) new freezers to provide ice block and soft drinks and has opened a new outlet at Brikama ba (CRR) and has created employment for 2 young people paying them monthly salary. He pin-pointed that the Empretec training has really enhance his entrepreneurial skills and has motivated him to be proactive in his line of trade, and taking the participants to understand key competences of an entrepreneur and stresses that the approach to modify behaviours for sustainable business growth was timely and effective and would take a long way I helping to run an effective enterprise.

Key effects of the BDS provided include the outlined below;

  • Business record keeping of different transactions;
  • How to calculate profit and lost;
  • Business has registered through the single window business registration;
  • Business has registered with the Gambia Public Procurement Authority (GPPA);
  • Paying salary to staff and family members working in the business;
  • Business bank opened;
  • Revenue has increased from three thousand dalasis (D3,000.00) to fifteen thousand dalasis (15,000.00) on weekly basis;
  • The business expanded another outlet at Brikama Ba (CRR);