Sering Kebbeh

Sering Kebbeh is a young Gambian of thirty years who lives in Nyanga Bantang, Central River Region in the Northern part of the Gambia. Sering is a young farmer with vast experiences with different farming methods both traditional and new farming techniques  and he grows different varieties of cash crop all year round and he recently started a soap making adventure which has completely change the fortune of his business

Before ETW

Sering before he attended the ETW,  farming was the only economic activity  he was doing and his  focus was mainly  cash crops such as Groundnut and Coos which he normally sell  70% and keep the rest for family feeding. He  concentrate only in production farming and does it only for three months in the year.

Achievement after the ETW  

After attended the ETW, he  comprehend the concept of paying attention to problems in the surrounding  and solve them to make money and he uses that to look for other opportunity which are lucrative and can generate income.  Sering got an opportunity for skills training from MY-Farm with the support of an adviser to learn Moringa and soap production with packaging and labelling techniques for a period of one month. he started soap making business after this training given the fact the raw materials are readily available and cost efficient. with his commitment and persistence he started all year round  gardening which has has boost his earning capacity by 300% annually

Last year with his vision to expand and grow he build a stall at a very strategic location along the main Trans Gambian Highway which attracts lot of customers and sales as well. the emergence of this stall has also led  His daily sales jump ship from  one Hundred Dalasis to One Thousand Dalasis (D1000.0) which shows a 1000% increment in his daily sales.